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How It Works

•    Community Sustained Agriculture

CSA consists of a partnership between the farmer and his customers (share holders) a growing season. This enables the customer to have a definite source of fresh local produce available.

•    The Vegetables

We have chosen to grow great tasting garlic and a small selection of others vegetables. It should be noted that Mother Nature is our boss. This means that some vegetables will not be available due to unpredictable weather conditions.


Beans, beets, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, kohlrabi, lettuce, leeks, onions, shelling peas, Swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips and zucchini.

To register, click on the “Sign up” page.

•    Its more than just respecting Mother Nature....

By working the land using organic practices, it is possible to protect the soit and the environment. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides will be used during the vegetable production. Growing Roots Homestead is a non-certified organic farm.

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